The Ancient Viking Jewelry

During the ancient times of the Vikings where there were farmers and warriors they were seen to love their jewelry ad trinkets. Both men and women of the Viking people would wear an array of shiny metal object which clearly added glamour and beauty to their world. Note that they loved metals such as silver and gold even though most of them were from foreign lands excerpt for iron. Most of the gold and silver coins came from the trade the Vikings had with the merchants. Silver in particular was a favorite coin and this made the Viking times very popular. For more useful reference, have a peek here

Even then you should know that not all of their jewelry was made of metal as there were beads coming from precious stones and rocks as well. But a time came when there was need to insert stones in the metal yet this was so rare with the Viking times even though the people before them had popularly been known for doing that. The most important thing about the jewelry at their time is the fact that they were used for multi purposes.

For decoration you would see silver arm bands among other fancy bracelets. They would also be used when it came to currency. Whenever they wanted to purchase a given commodity from the market it was clear how they would choose to use a silver coin from the hand bands they had. This then tells that they would actually use their ornaments as a wallet for their jewelry. There was then safety in carrying your wealth on yourself unlike people do today by leaving them n banks, houses, cars among other places.  Read more great facts on  viking jewelry,  click here. 

There are so many jewelry items made by the Vikings. The different forms included rings, brooches, hand bands etc. some were very functional in their daily life while others were basically made for the purpose of decoration. But in the long run you would notice that all were created with a unique craftsmanship and design.

Viking brooches were the most popular and very essential in their day to day lives. They had a number of reasons to be used by different persons in the Viking times. There were two types of the Viking brooches inclusive of the pennanular brooch and the oval brooch. Then there were the Viking rings which were worn on the fingers. They became popular in the later stages of the life of the Vikings and most of them have been found in their graves. Other than that here were Viking earrings, arm rings and arm bands. Please view this site for further details.