Tips on Wearing Viking Jewelry

In order to enhance your appearance, it is important to choose accessories which bring out the best of your features. Jewelry can do this perfectly but you need to know how to manipulate them into making the best of your features conspicuous. Viking pieces of jewelry have been gaining popularity in the world since the media focus on the culture and the people. However, do not choose it in blindly. Even if you want to stand out in the crowd, you will end up doing it in the wrong way if the Viking jewelry you choose make you look weird. It is not something you want.  Here's a good read about  viking bracelet,  check it out! 

When making your selection, you should not focus on individual pieces rather than lumping everything into one. For necklaces, you should choose depending on your height. For short people who want to give the illusion that they are tall, the necklaces should be long. Also, they should be y-shaped of V-shaped. Nonetheless, a necklace that stretches below your waist is not going to look good on you. Even though you want to be unique, you should not overdo it. You need to remain modest even when you are experimenting with the different pieces you have in your collection. To gather more awesome ideas on  viking rings,  click here to get started. 

Earring will be determined by the shape of your face. You can use them to draw attention to some features. Also, they can be used to cover certain flaws. The basic face shapes are heart-shaped, square, oval, rectangle and round. If the face is oval, you don't have to worry about anything because any kind of earrings will look great on you. For round shapes, it is wrong to use earrings which emphasize how full your face is. You should choose the long, square or rectangular shaped pieces because they make the face appear elongated.

For people with heart-shaped faces, the chin is usually thin and that is why your Viking earrings should widen it. Choose the chandeliers or triangular shapes which are usually wide at the base. For people with rectangular of long faces, the shape of the earring should be short in order to avoid elongation of the face further. Smaller stubs of earrings will do. Bracelets are common among Viking jewelry because they are awarded at many ceremonies. They also ensure your hands do look empty. You need to know whether you are small boned or large boned in choosing them. You do not want to choose chunky ones when you are big. These look best for petite people. Kindly visit this website for more useful reference.